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Models of saws have been found in many contexts throughout Egyptian history.

Particularly useful are tomb wall illustrations of carpenters at work that show sizes and the use of different types.

An abrasive saw has a powered circular blade designed to cut through metal or ceramic.

Diagram showing the teeth of a saw blade when looking front-on.

The teeth protrude to the left and right, so that the saw cut (kerf) is wider than the blade width.

The term set describes how much the teeth protrude.

"[T]he identities of the axe, adz, chisel, and saw were clearly established more than 4,000 years ago." Once mankind had learned how to use iron, this became the preferred material for saw blades of all kinds; some cultures learned how to harden the surface ("case hardening" or "steeling"), prolonging the blade's life and sharpness.

The teeth are shaped and sharpened by grinding and are flame hardened to obviate (and actually prevent) sharpening once they have become blunt.

By the end of the 17th century European manufacture centred on Germany (the Bergisches Land) and in London and the Midlands of England.

Most blades were made of steel (iron carbonised and re-forged by different methods).

Back saws have different names depending on the length of the blade; tenon saw is often used as a generic name for all the sizes of woodworking backsaw.

Some examples are: A long band welded into a circle, with teeth on one side.

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